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A Bit About Us

Radical Love Finland is part of global Radical Love -movement. It has desire to work together with different communities creating opportunities where people can be loved by God :)

This group is for people who really want to be living out the Radical Love of God!

Jesus commanded us to love one another like He loved us… We love, cause He loved us first... Radical Love is about getting back to the basics... back to real and true love. It´s a place to be loved by God, and empowered to love the people you meet in your daily life, just as Jesus loved you... with radical love.

(John 13:34 is where it says that Jesus commanded us to love one another like He loved us)

Our vision is people loving each other like Jesus loved us...

Our mission is to create places/host events where people can experience the Love of God, be set free, healed, filled with joy, and empowered to love like they’ve never done before…

Our core values are:


Gods presence


Unity of the Spirit

God is always good.


Radical Love is a movement that have a desire to work with churches from all denominations, in creating places where people can be loved by God.

Radical Love started in Åre in March, 2010. It started out from Lighthouse Church Åre, with great help from Bethel Church in Redding California. Different local churches came together and rallied around Papa God, and His amazing Love and presence.

Then in nov 2010 Radical Love happened in Helsinki, Finland. Gospel Boarders, One Desire Ministry, ESY Church, Nordic Mission Harvest, and Lighthouse Åre came together and put on Radical Love, and it was awesome. God showed up, loved on people and transformed lives..

And that´s the heartbeat of Radical Love, working with and creating places where people from different denominations and churches can gather around Papa God and receive his LOVE… cause after all, we are all His kids.

Love After Marriage


”Barry and Lori Byrne are two of the most supernaturally gifted people I have ever met. Their ability to restore, enhance and inspire married couples is truly a miracle from God. I have witnessed many marriages renewed through their Love After Marriage Ministry. I highly recommend them.”

Kris Vallotton

Senior Associate Leader - Bethel Church, Redding, CA 

Author of eight books including The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty

"Barry & Lori are some of the foremost marriage leaders of our day. The dramatic change in the lives of people they work with is consistently miraculous. These two create a level of intimacy, transparency and vulnerability between couple who've been married for years that is surprising to even those who thought they had a good marriage. I highly recommend their ministry and anything you can get your hands on by these two gifted leaders."

Danny SIlk

Family Life Pastor – Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Author – Culture of Honor and Loving our Kids on Purpose 

Healthy marriages are living testimonies, revealing the nature and heart of God. Done correctly, marriages influence culture and help to set values and priorities for generations, creating an awareness of the One to whom we will give an account of our lives. But done incorrectly, they pervert and distort a nation’s concept of God, turning its focus to self-preservation, all while legitimizing things that were intolerable only a generation earlier.

The power of marriage is found in the beauty of unity in the midst of celebrated diversity. Two are only better than one if they’re united. Two are less than one if divided. That is how this life was designed. Perhaps with that equation, one can see how a society falls so quickly into barrenness and loss. It’s tough to survive when we go from two to less than one over and over again.

Barry and Lori Byrne have recognized the heart of God for marriages and for families. In turn, they have put their lives out in front for everyone to see, that they might be a help to others. Their honesty and transparency are disarming and inviting, yet sobering. Theirs is a “no holds barred” approach to getting people well. And it works.

Their ministry, Love After Marriage, born out of their journey for health in their own lives. The discoveries they found are sure to have a powerful impact on relationships for many years to come. 

This workshop takes the participant on a journey of discovering God, His goodness, His practical passion for us and all our relationships, His wisdom, and the role we get to play. It is self-discovery in the right sense, without the shame, or the “me first” attitude that nauseates us all. It is eye opening in an exhilarating way. It is an invitation to live. To really live!

This workshop will successfully equip anyone who is willing to pursue healthy relationships. While the focus is marriage, many of the tools actually equip for all the relational aspects of life.

We must be well. And then we must be the ones who bring a message of hope to the dying marriages all around us. We’ve been given the task of bringing tools to those who just don’t know how to do it right.

I am amazed by the wisdom that God has given to Barry and Lori. Their Love After Marriage materials have been extremely effective in bringing wholeness and healing to couples―actually, more than we have ever seen with any other materials or events. The impact on our own church family has been wonderful. We have seen the results that come out of who they are and what they do. It is amazing: a pastor’s dream, really. People get well―really, really well.

This workshop could be a lifesaver, literally, for those who have been buried in an impossible marriage. The stories of couples who have come with irreparable brokenness, and then opened up and received healing are an inspiration of hope. Some who read this may be thinking, “There is no hope in my situation.” Come to workshop and you will find help. As a couple, partner with the Holy Spirit to see how life and hope can come to every area of your marriage.

If you are just getting started in life and want the right tools for having a fulfilled and healthy marriage, this workshop will help launch you into all that God has made available to you. It could save you years of heartache and launch you into the greatest journey of your life.

I am happy to recommend to you Barry and Lori Byrne. They live it, impart it, and they have paid a price to make this available to us all.

Bill & Beni Johnson

Senior Pastors – Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Authors – When Heaven Invades Earth and The Happy Intercessor

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